2 Year Olds

2 year old room

As the children arrive at nursery they will be greeted by their keyworker at 8.50am and choose an activity at which to settle before saying goodbye to their parent or carer.

After choosing their lunch and engaging in their self -chosen activity, the children will be encouraged to join circle time for welcome songs and a short speaking and listening game.

Both the inside and outside provision are accessible to the children from 9.30am so children can choose where to learn. All the areas of the curriculum are catered for both indoor and out, with a strong emphasis on providing sensory experiences such as using cornflour, gloop, exploring the mud kitchen, water tray, sand, gravel or making playdough.

At 10.40 resources are cleared away with children helping to tidy and clean.

The children are supported to wash hands then gather for snack time where water/milk and fruit are provided. This is an opportunity to develop social skills and encourage the children to be helpful, handing out fruit and drinks to their friends and tidying away afterwards.

Before lunch at 11.30am, children come together for Phase 1 phonics games to develop speaking and listening skills. These include ‘What’s that Sound,’ with musical instruments, Listening walks, where the children tune into environmental sounds and playing Silly Soup where children add different items to the soup which begin with the same sound.

The children leaving at 11.30 collect their coats and bags as the others get ready to move into the library area for lunch.

After returning to nursery from lunch time, there is an option to rest/sleep at 12.30.

The afternoon provision changes each day with different activities including free choice, cookery, gardening, music and movement and art.

There is an opportunity to have water/milk and fruit in the afternoon at 2.15pm before preparing to get ready for home time.

The children then get together at the end of the day for a story and our goodbye song.