3 Years Plus

3 year old room

The nursery day starts at 8.50am with the children self-registering by finding and placing their name under the photograph of their key worker on the whiteboard outside.


Children will be encouraged to hang their coats up and put their bags in the coloured boxes before engaging in one of the welcome activities inside nursery.


After choosing lunches and tidying away altogether, the children gather on the carpet for welcome time. At 9.30am children go into their key worker groups for a short number activity and planning for the morning child initiated learning session. Children are free to explore both the indoor and outdoor environment, giving them plenty of choices to carry out their own investigations and follow their individual interests.


At 10.40 resources are cleared away with children helping to tidy and clean.


The children are supported to wash hands then gather for snack time where water/milk and fruit are provided. This is an opportunity to develop social skills and encourage the children to be helpful handing out fruit and drinks to their friends and tidying away afterwards.


Before getting ready for lunch, the children join in Phase 1 and 2 phonics activities which helps to prepare them for early reading and writing.


After washing hands, the children go into the hall for lunch, earlier than the rest of the school. This is a perfect opportunity to prepare the children for lunch times in the main hall when they start Reception.


After lunch, the children have a rest with calming music in the background and then have a short carpet time involving singing and or a story.


After carpet time the children engage in magnificent mark making activities to develop their gross and fine motor skills in preparation for early writing. All areas of the nursery are then made accessible once more to allow children to access the spaces or resources they did not have time to access in the morning.


There is an opportunity to have water/milk and fruit in the afternoon at 2.15pm before preparing to get ready for home time.


The children then get together at the end of the day for a story and our goodbye song.