Developing Active Lives

In today's technological-influenced world, we educate our children in developing understanding of the importance of leading a physical and active lifestyle which contributes to a positive and healthy physical and mental well-being.  Throughout the year, we take part in a range of initiatives which help our children to meet the Active 30:30 as promoted by both the Chief Medical Officer and the Youth Sports Trust:
  • Shropshire Schools Primary Half Marathon Challenge
  • Shropshire Shufflers '12ks of Christmas'
  • Living Streets Travel Tracker
  • SUSTRANS 'Big Pedal'
In the summer of 2019, we were delighted to have our 'Ostermeyer's Way' all-weather running track installed around our field following funding from Shropshire Council.  This has allowed us to undertake our FIT15 initiative more regularly as we look towards to move towards a Daily Mile.
Through taking part in the Living Streets Travel Tracker, we track how children come to school, encouraging children to work together as a class-collective to promote active travel.  We reward the most active class of the week with an extra break-time.  Children who achieve the necessary active travel opportunities also receive themed badges as rewards for their active efforts.