Developing Active Lives

In today's technological-influenced world, we educate our children in developing understanding of the importance of leading a physical and active lifestyle which contributes to a positive and healthy physical and mental well-being.  Throughout the year, we take part in a range of initiatives which help our children to meet the Active 30:30 as promoted by both the Chief Medical Officer and the Youth Sports Trust:
  • Shropshire Schools Primary Half Marathon Challenge
  • Shropshire Shufflers '12ks of Christmas'
  • Living Streets Travel Tracker
  • SUSTRANS 'Big Pedal'
Beginning this year, we are also excited to be working with Modern Pentathlon Hereford to deliver the Pentactive programme at break time and lunchtimes as led by our Sports Leaders.  More information on this can be found below
In the summer of 2019, we were delighted to have our 'Ostermeyer's Way' all-weather running track installed around our field following funding from Shropshire Council.  This has allowed us to undertake our FIT15 initiative more regularly as we look towards to move towards a Daily Mile.
Through taking part in the Living Streets Travel Tracker, we track how children come to school, encouraging children to work together as a class-collective to promote active travel.  We reward the most active class of the week with an extra break-time.  Children who achieve the necessary active travel opportunities also receive themed badges as rewards for their active efforts.    
Pent-Active for Well-being
The notion of starting with oneself, to create change, is the very first step of the Pent-Active programme.  It is asking each person to think about themselves, make choices that they see might add something to their lives and feel good as they reflect on their positive journey.
Within Pent-Active, we are asking our children to consider making change from within themselves, using the development of habits as a tool.  By combining habits with goal setting, we are then encouraging children to undertake these daily, as it is recognised that it takes 21 days to form a habit, during which time the brain changes from 'should I do this' to 'I must do it'.
As this habit begins to form, we start to see a positive benefit.  In the case of Pent-Active, this is improved physical literacy, but also improved wellbeing; an individual's ability to reflect on their progress and feel good about the choices they have made.  
Wellbeing is the ability to feel good about your choices.  In the Pent-Active programme, wellbeing is the ability to feel good about the adoption of a positive habit and see the personal improvement it provides, both through better physical literacy and resilience.