Digital Leaders zone

We are now in our second year of the Digital Leaders scheme in association with Childnet International, which is a youth leadership training programme empowering young people to educate their peers about online safety.  Our Digital Leaders complete training through an engaging, informative and fun online platform, working through e-learning modules to equip them with the skills to become peer mentors in our school, and help keep others safe online. Digital Leaders are advocates for online safety in our school and communities, both physical and online, by running offline and online activities, for which they are awarded additional team achievement badges and points.
For the year 2018/19, twelve children were selected years 4-6 were selected for the intake.  6 children are now in their second year of the scheme, and deliver assemblies on e-Safety and current issues around staying safe online.  A new intake of leaders is currently underway, and training will begin following this.
Responsibilities of our Digital Leaders:
  • Be advocates of e-Safety in the school and home environment, advising and teaching other children at our school
  • Manage media content for the school environment, including creating and managing good work examples produced in lessons for display on our screens around school
  • Prepare and deliver assemblies to classes, key stages and the whole school on online content
  • Work with groups in classes as a way of developing excellence in computing skills to enhance all areas of the curriculum.
Our leaders in assembly action!