At Oakmeadow we believe it’s important to teach our children to be mindful,  think of others,  not to hold prejudice and be kind always.


It’s a world ever changing and full of surprises and so we teach resilience,  compassion,  optimism and empathy.  Believing each child can be a part of contributing to life and their community.  We want to teach them how to use social media in the future in a powerful way,  not to post their grievances but to spread a message of positivity and encourage others to contribute back.  To be safe in life and online and to always try their best,  take ownership of themselves and build the strength to be take actions,  be courageous when they need to and rely on their own abilities.  We know each child here at Oakmeadow has the power to contribute to our world powerfully.  Let’s help them do it.