Recovery Curriculum and Remote Learning Information

Curriculum Vision and Intent

Our curriculum at Oakmeadow is personalised and tailored around the needs of our children. We have always believed that areas surrounding personal, social. spiritual, cultural, mental and physical development should form the heart of all we do and that all other learning should stem from this, as fundamentally we are a school that values the wellbeing of our children and their ability to handle life and learning situations as they grow.

Nothing has changed for us in terms of this vision and intent. We do find ourselves in a unique situation however, and we recognise the need to be mindful of the emerging needs of our children following this third lockdown. We recognise that from March 2020 until March 2021, many children have had large portions of the year away from school. While this time will have brought many benefits such as increased family time, there are also key elements crucial to child development that we will need to be a focus in all we do at school in order to help children over the long term.

In the Autumn term 2020, we were mindful that our curriculum would need to further adapt to help our children respond to the challenges that the transition and recovery period from the Covid 19 pandemic presented. As a result, we put in place our Recovery Curriculum – an adapted version of our bespoke program which further targeted relevant areas of mental wellbeing, emotional and social skills and PSHE all whilst ensuring children were benefitting from targeted teaching in the core skills. This was successful in its aims and children were catching up quickly - we could not have predicted however that more periods of restricted school opening would follow.

We now recognise that it has never been more important for our curriculum to live up to its aims and intent, and for us to thread elements through our taught and lived curriculum over the long term. Our challenge and promise to our children is that we will ensure high quality core learning for all but that this is underpinned by a focus on all of the aspects we feel children may need support in rebuilding. We aim to build in collaborative learning opportunities, resilience building and critical thinking. We will place an emphasis on physical activity and outdoor learning, on helping children build relationships and appreciating and involving themselves in their community. We want to help our children rebuild their understanding of the wider world and reignite their motivation and excitement for learning, their hopes and future aspirations. From March 8th, all year groups are planning a two week project to ensure this initial time all together again reignites their passion for being back at school and that creates ‘wow moments’ for the children to ensure they are fully invested and excited by the topic and learning to come.

Remote Learning - what will happen if my child's bubble needs to close?
 If a confirmed case in school means a bubble has to close temporarily, or if your child has to self-isolate for a period of time, we have a robust remote learning plan in place.
The document below explains what will happen in these circumstances.