Recovery Curriculum and Remote Learning Information

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Why implement a Recovery Curriculum?

During these uncertain times, we are mindful that our curriculum will need to further adapt to help our children respond to the challenges that the transition and recovery period from the Covid 19 pandemic may present. We understand that we cannot pretend that nothing is different or that some children haven’t found the pandemic scary, difficult or sad. We recognise that we will have pupils who have not set foot inside the school building for six months; other pupils, children of key workers for example, may have been in school full time since the pandemic began. Some of our children may return having had positive experiences of family time spent at home that they wish to share and remember, whilst sadly others experiences may have been more traumatic or difficult. Within this, we know that children and young people respond to adversity in a range of ways, including changes in their capacity for learning and physical and psychological wellbeing. As much as returning to school may feel like a relief, or even feel exciting for some, it is also likely to be a time when children and young people might feel anxious, particularly those who have underlying health conditions or who live with someone who is shielding. Feeling safe may have come to be associated with ‘staying at home’, ‘social distancing’ and frequent handwashing and so we all need to learn new ways to continue to feel safe whilst connecting with our friends and peers and learning together back in our school setting.

This is the reason that we have worked hard to consider how we might adapt our existing high quality, bespoke curriculum so that will also more specifically target and support children with all of these areas.

 Remote Learning
It may be necessary for your child to spend time at home during this academic year due to Covid - whether it be for periods of self isolation or whether it be a regional or national lockdown. We have robust remote learning plans in place for both of these eventualities. Please see the Remote Learning Plan attached on this page for more information.
You will also find details of our Catch Up Premium plan below.