WOW at our work!

At our school we recognise the 21st century technological world that we live in, and that using technology  efficiently and creatively is the future for our children.  As a result, we are consistently striving to use technology to enhance our learning across all areas of our curriculum.  This page will be updated regularly to show off the creative work that we have produced.  In the meantime, check out some of our projects below!
A group of Year 6 children took part in an 'app smashing' project that used 5 different apps to create road safety videos for staying safe around our school as part of national road safety awareness week.  Take a look at the finished projects on the right.  These videos are now on display around our school so our children are constantly reminded of how to stay safe to and from school.
Year 5 have been learning how to 'GreenScreen' using the fantastic app by DoInk.  Check out some of the persuasive videos below; some about the importance of recycling plastic, and some about holidaying in Egypt.
Year 6 are pros at this now, and used it to create a persuasive battle speech about defending Britain from an alien invasion!  Daisy's video is incredible!
We subscribe to PurpleMash and use it across our curriculum, supporting homework and learning at home.  Our Digital Leaders have produced a handy introductory video below so you can see how to access the different areas.