Caterpillars class is one of our two Year 1 classes, where our children are in their first year of Key Stage 1. During year one, we aim to support the development of independence both academically and personally.  Children work hard during their transition into year one and they will become much more fluent in their reading, writing and known facts related to number.  These are the building blocks for future learning and we value the support of parents to help develop fluency in reading and number bonds. We have high expectations of our children but we also have large amounts of fun and laughter along the way!

From September, our topic will be focusing 'Magnificent Me'. However, from the outset we will be prioritising the children's emotional well-being and mental health through our Response and Recovery programme. We understand that the past several months may have disrupted and affected many lives due to the Covid pandemic. Some lives may have been more affected than others.  In response to the needs of our community, the staff at Oakmeadow have written and developed a bespoke programme to support our children in light of these changes. This will be in place from when your child returns to school and reviewed on a regular basis. 

On this page you will find lots of useful information about what we are up to in class, as well as how children's learning can be supported at home, both from a parent's perspective, as well as how children can learn independently at home in their spare time.  We hope you find it useful.

  • Mrs Caroline Clode


    Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday

  • Mrs Jennifer Gurden


    Monday/ Tuesday

  • Miss Emma Stevenson

    Teaching Assistant

 Termly  topic:  PE this half term:  Important dates:
Our local area
We will be looking at
where we live, what makes it special and how
it compares to other places around the world.
Tuesday, OUTDOOR
Important notices:
  • Children will receive new spellings to practise every day at home on a Friday.
  • Phoneme mats have been sent home to support the 'Letters and Sounds' phonetic learning the children will receive at school.
  • Children should aim to read 10 minutes every evening at home and this should be recorded in their individual reading diaries.
  • This half termly focus in Maths is recalling the number bonds within 20 as known facts. It would greatly improve the children's recall if they can practice these at home also.
  • Children's work and important class announcements will be uploaded onto the seesaw platform. All children have received individual invitations for family members to join.
  • Book change occurs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The reading records are also checked on these days. If you have a question or concern and can't see a teacher personally, then these can be written in the diary.
Below you can download supporting documents which will help with home-learning:
The links below include another way we share our learning with the world via our class blog.  We also use core interactive and exciting programmes to support our learning, which can be logged into at home using the children's provided usernames and passwords.