PE and School Sport at Oakmeadow

PE and School - Sport The Oakmeadow Way

At Oakmeadow, we recognise the positive outcomes that a high-quality PE and school sport curriculum can achieve in all personal, social, cognitive and physical aspects of a child’s development and well-being. We strive for teaching and learning of PE that promotes confidence, participation, progress and performance in a safe and supportive environment. We aim to embed a culture of PE and school sport of participation, enjoyment, academic achievement, and understanding of health and well-being of our pupils that they continue to live by beyond our school. Our PE curriculum is inclusive and we ensure that pupils of all abilities access the range of activities we offer and that they are physically active for sustained periods of time in order to encourage them to lead healthy, active lives. Through this, we meet the needs of Physical Education programme of study as set out in the National Curriculum for Primary Schools (2014)

National Curriculum aims 2014:

  • Pupils develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • Pupils are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • Pupils engage in competitive sports and activities
  • Pupils lead healthy, active lives.
  • Mr Sam Ostermeyer

    PE Coordinator

  • Miss Emily Morris

    Sports Apprentice

School Sports Premium Funding:
Statutory documents for PE, including how we utilise our sports premium funding, and steps for development in the future, can be found in the documents below.  
Our School Sport Values:
We used the basis of the Schoolgames values to develop our own that we felt were the six most important to us at our school. Every half term, one child is selected from each class by their class teacher to earn the certificate for demonstrating the value focused on for that half term. 

New PE Equipment for our school

We have kindly been supplied with new sports equipment including basketball balls, dodgeballs and a first aid pack. Net World Sports, a large sports equipment business based in Wrexham donated the items to the school to support our PE lessons.

Net World Sports, is a global online retailer who cater for a wide range of sports and provide equipment to B2B and B2C customers. Their current product range stocks well over 5,000 items of equipment and is rapidly growing.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Net World Sports for their generous donation. Our pupils are really enthusiastic about sport and the new equipment will be a great addition to the pupil’s PE lessons, helping them to further develop their skills and experiences.

Thank you again to Net World Sports for their kind gesture.

Our PE Curriculum:
Our curriculum is designed to offer both variation and progression across our key stages.  In EYFS and KS1, the focus is on the development of fundamental skills key to physical literacy.  In KS2, these skills are then developed and refined through the teaching of skills needed to play different recognised sports.
For the teaching and assessment of PE, we use the excellent  app 'Primary PE Passport' across school.  The benefits of us using this to ensure the quality of our PE lessons can be seen below.
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