SEND Inclusion Award

Over the next 12 - 15 months, Oakmeadow School will be looking to be accredited with the SEND Inclusion Award (SENDIA).  This award offers mainstream schools like Oakmeadow the opportunity to gain accreditation for ensuring that high-quality provision and outcomes for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) is provided. 

As a school offering high quality provision for our pupils, we already reflect on and improve our provision in line with a series of objectives that fulfil both Ofsted criteria and the SEND Code of Practice on a frequent basis. This award will support and qualify our existing practises. 

Specifically, the award will focus on ‘outcomes’ for our pupils and how we can demonstrate the impact of their SEND provision.

The award will lead us through a process of self-evaluation, action planning and evidence collection before the final verification and accreditation. 

The SENDIA award will aid our commitment in continuing to maintain and develop high-quality SEND provision throughout the school by:

★ promoting awareness of SEND issues and inclusion for all staff, parents, pupils and governors

★ evaluating and improving classroom practice and interventions

★ focusing on pupil outcomes.

Successful completion of the award will enable Oakmeadow to:

★ gain recognition for the high-quality education and care for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities we believe we provide.

★ demonstrate to parents, governors and Ofsted inspectors that our provision complies with current legislation and the SEND Code of Practice, and is effective in achieving good outcomes for all pupils.

(The term ‘parent’ is used throughout to represent the principal adult or adults caring for the pupil with SEND and is intended to cover any main caregiver).

Over the forthcoming weeks, we will be looking to set up a working party comprising of parents, teaching staff, pupils and governors. Questionnaires will be sent out to parents of children with SEN who are or who have recently received additional provision. As parents or carers of a pupil who has received additional support, your views are vital in helping us to understand what we are doing well and more importantly how we can do better. All responses and suggestions will be carefully considered and used to help us put together an Action Plan. This will be shared with parents here on the school website.

If you would like further information on the award and how you could support this process, please contact Mrs Helen Morris - our SEN Coordinator. 

We're progressing well with achieving the SEND and Inclusion Award. On the 9th June, we will have our verification visit where we will be able to show the full extent of the ways we have over the last 18 months worked tirelessly to ensure we are continuing to provide high quality provision for our children with SEND. Teachers, parents and children will have the opportunity to share their experiences with Maureen Nash, who will then be able to make her judgement.
Thank you to all of you who have supported this journey, enabling us to make improvements by acting on the feedback of parents, children and staff. You all contribute to helping us provide a provision we are proud of. 
It won't stop here though, following our visit we are keen to continue to have a dedicated SEND working party to work together to ensure we are continually making improvements in time of change. If you are interested please contact our admin team or email into the school. 
We look forward in making you aware of the outcome. Hopefully it will be something we can celebrate.