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Badgers class is one of two Year 5 classes, where our children are in the final two years of Primary education - UKS2 - before their next learning step and their transition to Year 7 and secondary school.  At this upper end of Key Stage 2, the ethos is very much on developing the sense of independence and responsibility: we have high expectations of our children, particularly as role models for the rest of the school, but we also have high amounts of fun along the way!
On this page you will find more information about our learning experiences and useful links. Please visit our class page frequently throughout each term as it will be updated so you are able to access information to support your child as well as seeing all the wonderful learning activities happening in class. This will be in addition to viewing their Seesaw account. We will also add any forthcoming events which your child may be involved in that will provide you with prior notice.
  • Miss Rebecca Gill


  • Mrs Rachael Lunt

    Teaching Assistant

Termly Topic:  PE: Important Dates: 
Summer term:
The Greeks
 Wednesday: Athletics
Friday: Invasion games (basketball)
 Please come into school wearing suitable PE kit according to our school prospectus on these days.

09/04: Healthy eating workshop with Hannah from Taylor Shaw
11/04: Easter Disco after-school
Latest news:
In this term, we will be completing our topic, ' Settlers, Raiders and Adventurers' and we will be beginning our new topic, 'The Greeks'. We will be studying the following questions: 
  • How can we know so much about the Ancient Greeks who lived over 2,500 years ago?
  • What can we work out about everyday life in Ancient Athens?
  • Why was Athens able to be so strong in the 5th and 6th century BC?
  • Would You have preferred to live in Athens or Sparta?
  • What can we tell about the Ancient Greeks from a study of their theatre & Olympics?
  • What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?

 Check back for more updates and examples of our work as we get stuck into this topic.



Below you can download supporting documents which will help with home-learning:
The links below include another way we share our learning with the world via our class blog.  We also use core interactive and exciting programmes to support our learning, which can be logged into at home using the children's provided usernames and passwords.