EYFS Curriculum

A revised Early Years Framework was introduced in September 2021, and at the root of it is the belief that every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfil their potential. This is something that we at Oakmeadow are passionately committed to providing.

As part of our commitment to ensuring this, we recognise that high levels of engagement are the key to ensuring progress and attainment. Children with high levels of wellbeing will be engaged. Children that are fascinated and curious about what is going on around them, will make really successful learners. It’s our responsibility to respond to the children in front of us and to weave that engagement and interest into our teaching.

In Early Years we recognise that play has lots of important aspects to it. Quality play is a vehicle for learning. The play-based provision we offer is there for children to revisit, rehearse, consolidate, and learn alongside the crucial role quality adult input has in providing new knowledge and new facts. This is complimented by the environment we create and adapt, both indoors and out, to give them a range experiences and skills.

We know that working as a team with our homes enhances the children’s learning, Our early reading and writing workshops and our maths mastery workshops will equip you to do this effectively. They will give you the opportunity to understand the reasoning behind the approaches we adopt, the learning steps and progression as well as practical tips and resources.

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