Bug Club Phonics


At Oakmeadow Primary School we use the Bug Club Phonics scheme.

Bug Club Phonics – a solid foundation in reading for all.

Bug Club Phonics is a synthetic phonics program that provides everything needed to help children succeed in early reading.

It combines a comprehensive teaching program and fully decodable print books with an online reading world which includes eBooks, interactive assessments and games.


Bug Club Phonics can help your school achieve:

  • A solid foundation in reading for all: Written by the same authors of the Clackmannanshire study, Bug Club Phonics uses the systematic synthetic phonics approach. This has been shown to give the best foundation in reading for all children regardless of social and economic background.
  • Comfortable and confident learners: Videos and books featuring much-loved characters, such as Cbeebies Alphablock characters are weaved into lessons, helping to link children’s home environment with school.
  • A rich and varied reading experience: As part of the Bug Club family, you can choose when to weave in readers that aren’t fully decodable to ensure an enthusiasm for reading is nurtured.
  • Frequent and detailed assessment: In addition to end of unit and phase assessments, appropriate and informal assessment opportunities are offered in the daily lessons and through fun games in the online world. The program also helps students prepare for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check.
  • Extra help for those who fall behind: Guidance on how to support those who fall behind is provided throughout.

How does it work?

The teaching program and readers are grouped in a developing order based on the order of sounds introduced in synthetic phonics programs. The Bug Club Phonics Phoneme Sequence can be found in the attachment below.