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  • Miss Milly Davies

    Science Lead

    I am so fortunate to lead a subject that has been a true passion of mine from a very young age. Is there anything better than a question that starts with 'why'? I am privileged to be able to provide children with opportunities to explore and discover new scientific concepts, whilst taking in the awe of that 'light bulb' moment we all aspire for. I studied Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at A-Level, so I have a secure understanding of scientific knowledge, and I thrive in the opportunity to support my fellow colleagues with this. I have enjoyed gaining an in depth understanding of substantive and disciplinary knowledge, using this to develop the science curriculum here at Oakmeadow.
    For my Bachelor's degree, I completed a dissertation project focusing on the perceptions of gender within attitudes towards science. This was an incredibly interesting research topic which fueled my continued passion that science is inclusive for all. I am keen to develop the STEM curriculum further at Oakmeadow, showing the children exciting opportunities within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I am privileged to be a role model for the children in school and I am excited to continue driving science forward for all children at Oakmeadow, where they can feel their own personal success and achievement in a truly unique subject.

Science – The Oakmeadow Way




At Oakmeadow Primary School, our intent is to provide an outstanding Science curriculum that stimulates curiosity, develops critical thinking skills, and fosters a deep understanding of scientific concepts. Through our curriculum, we aim to ignite a passion for Science in our pupils, enabling them to become active and engaged citizens in an ever-changing world.

We believe that Science education should be accessible to all and should provide a solid foundation for future scientific study. Our intent is to equip our pupils with the knowledge, skills, and scientific literacy necessary to thrive in the 21st century, while nurturing their scientific inquiry and developing their ability to evaluate evidence-based information.


To achieve our intent, we implement a comprehensive, challenging, and progressive Science curriculum that follows the national curriculum guidance, while providing opportunities for cross-curricular links and practical investigations. Our implementation is guided by the following principles:

High Expectations and Adaptive Teaching

We have high expectations of all our pupils and provide a curriculum that meets the needs of every learner, including those with special educational needs or disabilities. We consistently challenge and stretch our pupils, enabling them to achieve their full potential in Science. We are advocates of Adaptive Teaching and staff regularly partake in continued professional development to ensure all children can achieve well. 

Engaging Curriculum and Assessment

Our Science curriculum is carefully designed to engage pupils and promote active learning. We provide a wide range of stimulating resources, including practical experiments, investigations, and real-life applications of scientific concepts. We use formative and summative assessments to ensure that pupils' progress is regularly monitored and their learning needs are addressed effectively.

We actively promote cross-curricular links, particularly with Mathematics, Technology, and Engineering, to reinforce the relevance of scientific knowledge and skills. We also foster partnerships with local industries and external organizations to provide real-world contexts for learning, such as inviting STEM professionals to deliver workshops or arranging visits to scientific institutions.

Science Capital and Inclusion

We embrace diversity and create an inclusive learning environment where every child feels valued and has the opportunity to excel. We explicitly teach scientific vocabulary, concepts, and skills, ensuring that all pupils, including those from disadvantaged backgrounds, develop their scientific capital and can confidently communicate their understanding. We promote scientists for all, where children learn and are exposed to a variety of different scientists from various backgrounds. 

Continual Professional Development

We invest in the professional development of our teachers, ensuring they have the necessary science subject expertise and pedagogical knowledge. This enables them to deliver high-quality Science lessons that inspire and challenge pupils, incorporating innovative teaching methods and making effective use of formative feedback to support pupil progress.

Our outstanding Science provision at Oakmeadow Primary School has a significant impact on our pupils, enabling them to excel academically and develop into scientifically literate individuals. The impact can be seen through:

High Achievement and Progress

Pupils achieve highly in Science, with a significant proportion exceeding national expectations. The progress made by different cohorts of pupils is monitored and analyzed, ensuring that interventions are implemented promptly to address any identified gaps.

Positive Attitudes and Engagement

Pupils develop positive attitudes towards Science, demonstrating enthusiasm for the subject and actively participating in lessons. They are curious, ask sophisticated questions, and show a deep understanding of scientific concepts. Pupil voice and feedback indicate high levels of enjoyment and engagement in Science lessons.

Scientific Skills and Literacy

Pupils develop a wide range of scientific skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills. They confidently apply these skills to investigate scientific phenomena, evaluate evidence, and communicate their findings coherently using scientific language. Pupils make connections between scientific concepts and real-life situations.

Improved Secondary Transition

As a result of our strong Science provision, pupils successfully transition to secondary schools with a solid foundation in Science. Secondary school partners consistently feedback on the excellent knowledge and skills our pupils bring, often endowing them with a strong advantage in their future Science studies.

In conclusion, our intent, implementation, and impact in Science at Oakmeadow Primary School align with the best practices highlighted in Ofsted's most recent inspection framework. We are committed to providing an outstanding Science education that prepares our pupils for a future in which scientific understanding and skills are crucial.

Our Science Curriculum:
At Oakmeadow, it is paramount that our curriculum offer is relevant and progressive for our children. We use our knowledge and skills pathways to plan and resource our lessons to ensure our children receive the best science offer. Over the course of their schooling life, all children will be exposed to a variety of scientific concepts, whilst building their understanding and depth of scientific working. 
Please take the time to familiarise yourself with your child's key stage pathway. Here, you will be able to see what key scientific concepts your child will be learning and how their scientific skills will continue to develop.
Science in Action!
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