The intent of STEM education in Oakmeadow Primary School is to develop students' knowledge, skills, and interest in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Through a curriculum that is inspiring, engaging, and tailored to the needs of different students, we aim to support them in becoming confident, curious, and creative problem-solvers who can apply their STEM knowledge to real-world contexts.

To achieve our intent, we will implement the following strategies:

1. Integration: We will integrate STEM across the curriculum and not just as a standalone subject. For example, we will incorporate STEM into topics such as history and geography. This will enable students to see the connection between STEM and different subject areas.

2. Resources and facilities: We will provide students with access to a range of resources and facilities including high-quality equipment, ICT, and online resources. We will also ensure that the school's learning environment is conducive to the teaching and learning of STEM.

3. Pedagogy: We will use pedagogy that is inquiry-based and that encourages students to be active participants in their learning. We will also encourage the use of project-based learning, peer learning, and cross-curricular projects. In addition, the teachers will provide opportunities for students to work in teams and collaborate with others.

4. Professional Development: We will provide ongoing professional development for our teachers on how to teach and incorporate STEM effectively in their lessons. This will ensure that our teachers have a deep understanding of the subject matter and are capable of delivering high-quality STEM teaching.

The impact of our outstanding STEM education in Oakmeadow Primary School will be visible in the following ways:

1. Student outcomes: Students will demonstrate improved scientific knowledge and skills, increased confidence in using technology, enhanced mathematical ability, and an understanding of how STEM can be applied in real-world contexts.

2. Teacher outcomes: The quality of teaching will be improved, and our teachers will have an increased level of confidence in teaching STEM subjects.

3. Community outcomes: Through local outreach events and industry partnerships, the school will build strong links with the local community and industry. This will help to inspire future generations of STEM students and build a sense of pride and success in the school.

Overall, the implementation of an outstanding STEM education in Oakmeadow Primary School will have a positive impact on the students, teachers, and community. By focusing on integrating STEM across the curriculum, providing access to high-quality resources, adopting inquiry-based pedagogies and offering continuous professional development for our teachers, we will ensure that Oakmeadow Primary School delivers an outstanding STEM education program.