Support & Outreach

At Oakmeadow we have a very strong team, who over the years have committed to professional development and we believe we are lifelong learners.  With this in mind we have lots to offer in support and outreach and offer this with financial integrity to support our fellow schools and professionals.
School-to-school support: what can we offer others?
  • We have a very strong core subject leadership at Oakmeadow and so we are often asked to support other schools in developing in area of their core curriculum,  improving outcomes for their children and enhancing their provision.

  • We are a school committed to outdoor learning and have an outstanding early years provision…if you want to look at this or need help in developing this at your school we are happy to help.

  • We are a lead delivery school in NPQTL

  • We offer strategic leadership support,  either for the SLT or individual within your school.

  • We are a mindful school,  fully committed to emotional coaching and building children’s resilience and emotional capacity,  we offer counselling (trained counselling service) at really affordable rates,  we offer therapy,  pastoral expertise and SEND support. 

Get in contact if you think we can help:

Parents and home:



We support courses to support parents understanding their child,  whole child development and learning about how this impacts in the home.  Understanding you child courses are for 10 weeks,  covering children development,  behaviour management,  reciprocity and containment.  Many parents have found this invaluable to how they work with their children at home.  One parent feedback… ‘One sentence changed my life…pause to be’.


We offer this termly. If you are interested, please contact