Welcome to the Rabbits class page 
Rabbits is our new year 3 class joining Foxes next door, where our children enter the Key Stage 2 years of their primary education. It is an exciting transition for them as they progressively become more independent in both their learning and their personal development. A time when we seek to equip them with the skills they need to achieve this, as well as offer a nurturing safety net, should they need it.
We have added some extra information this year that we would usually have had the opportunity to share during our transition meetings. There is also a short video to help your children picture where they will be in September. As the year progresses you will find lots of useful information about what we are up to on a daily basis in class, as well as how you can support your child at home. We hope you find it useful.
If you have any questions, please feel free to pop and see us or get in touch.
Mrs Griffiths & Mrs Churchill
  • Mrs Jo Griffiths

    Year 3 Teacher, Curriculum & Outdoor Learning Coordinator

  • Mrs Louise Churchill

    Higher Level Teaching Assistant

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Termly Topic  P.E. Days & Activities  Important Dates 
Stone Age,
Bone Age
(History  driver)
PE is continuing to take place outside as much as possible this half term.
We will be focusing on gym - receiving body weight and athletics.
Our days for this half term are Monday for our indoor sessions and Thursday for our outdoor sessions. Please come into school wearing a suitable PE kit according to our school prospectus on these days.
Fit 15 Daily run.
 7th June 
Stone Age Day

Latest news:

June 2021

We are looking forward to welcoming the children back for their final half term in Rabbits. What better way to get it going than with our Stone Age Day being delivered on site by Outback2Basics. The children have already learned lots through the research they have been undertaking to write their non-chronological reports on the Stone Age. It will be lovely to see them develop this understanding further as they explore what it really means in a hands-on way!



April 21

It has been lovely finally getting all the children back into school and working as a whole class again. The children have adapted well to all the changes and have enjoyed the outdoor and drama based learning we have been doing over the last few weeks. It has been lovely to see the experiences we have shared coming through in their adventure story writing about a mountain rescue.

We have been busy planning our Summer term and will be continuing to develop our learning outdoors, with a particular focus on our community, resilience and culture drivers that link in with our topic on the Stone Age. We are hoping to get some special visitors into school to bring the topic alive so watch this space!



We are looking forward to welcoming all children back to school tomorrow. We have been busy planning a special project through which we will weave our curriculum with as many links as possible. We will be taking our learning outdoors as much as possible and using the tepee we have set up in the Adventure Play area as our mountain rescue headquarters. We will be using drama and role play to develop, enhance and excite the children in their learning and re-establish their relationships with each other.




The weeks have been flying by and the children have been wonderful in settling into the new school routines. We initially spent a considerable amount of time in Autumn 1 on our R & R programme and mental wellbeing, making the most of opportunities to spend time outside. The last few weeks has seen us developing our art work and making progress with our science topic. I was very proud of the way the children immersed themselves into deepening their understanding of Remembrance and what it represents. They all enjoyed the role play in the Enchanted Oaks representing the way in which we remember and were very respectful. 

This linked in with the art work we did to represent one of our school drivers - resilience. They loved gathering all the leaves outside and then arranging them into our huge rainbow.

Christmas is quickly approaching and we have started thinking about the part we will play in our whole school online 'performance'. We started with sharing the Christmas story in the Oaks area and making our own stable  - courtesy of a cardboard box, leaves and some gerbil sawdust!

We are still hopeful that we will be able to do our walk up to the woods in Old Coppice at some point in the future. They have enjoyed watching the video of the walk I did for them and drawing the objects I brought back (along with a bit of unintended wildlife!) into the class.

Below you can download our supporting documents as scaffolds:
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The links below include another way we share our learning with the world via our class blog.  We also use core interactive and exciting programmes to support our learning, which can be logged into at home using the children's provided usernames and passwords.