Courageous Advocacy

While we recognise the importance of achieving high standards here at our school, we are truly passionate about developing the whole child - pupils who are emotionally resilient,  empathetic and caring and positive contributors to society.

We work hard all through the year in our charity fundraising so we can actively contribute to our wider community and daily we reflect in our classes and worship how we can continue to improve ourselves and our world. We encourage our children to learn about, make up their minds on, speak up and take action on issues of justice. Our children often demonstrate how strongly they feel about issues that are important to them through suggesting projects or initiatives such as fundraising.

Each year we pledge to support a local, national and international charity of the children's choosing. We hold local events to support our community and volunteer outside of school. We support local businesses through involvement in school.


Some examples of this:


- our Year 6 children took part in Operation Christmas Child, where they raised their own money to buy goods and package them up to send to less fortunate children.

- Children approached the leadership team following concerns they had seen on the news about the cold weather conditions in Ukraine, asking to collect warm items of clothing. The children designed the advertisement for this and found out where to drop them off.

- School runs a debate club weekly where children are offered the opportunity to come and discuss 'big questions' and topical issues. The debate club held an open session at the Eco Fair, where local business people took part.

- School holds an annual Eco Fair as part of National Big Green Week to support the local parish council in raising awareness of environmental issues in the village. As part of this, pupils from school went to plant wildflowers in the area and litter picking took place. We were told later of children joining local litter picking groups outside of school

- School takes part in awareness days such as World Oceans Day, where they learn about global issues and write to organisations about their views and thoughts.

- We held a Great British Bake Off to support a local family following the death of their son, a former pupil, a cause which many of the pupils requested that we lead on as his previous school.

- Staff took part in the Lingen Davies 5k Colour run to raise money for Cancer UK as a model to the children about taking part in activities that we feel strongly about.

- We held a PJ Day for Children in Need to raise funds for this cause. 

- As part of our community plan, the children are keen to engage more with the elderly residents in the village and so invited them for a series of sessions where they walked around our running track, culminating in a Commonwealth themed event.