School Council

Oakmeadow's School Council
At Oakmeadow, we have two School Council members per class.
Mrs Done and Mrs Davis support all School Council reps in their role and help the Councillors decide on and act on the agenda for the year. Each class is given time for discussion before the meetings take place. This way Councillors are able to bring the opinions of their peers to the meetings, pupils have their voices heard and all children are in charge of improving their own school. Our reps are given time to feed back to their classes following meetings to keep everyone updated on progress. We also have a display board where children can self-monitor the progress of our wider agendas across school.

We work with our School Council team to develop their listening, knowledge, and communication skills which in turn allows them to be confident and supportive members of their school community. They are able to seek support when necessary whilst effectively supporting and guiding other children.



Being a councillor is a very responsible position and the children involved play an important part in developing Oakmeadow for the better. This is a great leadership opportunity for the children and develops their confidence with speaking, listening and being super role models for their school community.