Music - The Oakmeadow Way

At Oakmeadow, we want to inspire pupils to develop a love of music; we will ensure all pupils have access to a high-quality music education underpinned by the Model Music Curriculum, and opportunities to develop their talent as musicians. We acknowledge that such opportunities can increase self-confidence, creativity and a sense of achievement whilst promoting the concept of aspirations.

We work alongside Shropshire Music Service and Telford Arts Centre (TACT) to broaden the horizons and experiences of our pupils through engaging in collaborative opportunities to make music, and we also use Charanga to ensure that we have a clear framework showing progression of skills and musical knowledge (found in our Music Pathway below).

All pupils will explore music of different genres, styles and traditions; learn to sing and use their voices; create and compose music; understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated. Assessment for learning will be used throughout, to ensure progress in understanding, and opportunities provided for pupils to apply their skills to performance, composition and appraising will allow for successes to be celebrated and shared.

  • Mrs Julie Marston

    Music Lead

Exciting news! We have been nominated by Shropshire Music Service to become a Music Mark school for the 2020/21 academic year. We recently received a certificate in recognition of the value that we place on music, a high-quality music education and our commitment to a broad and balanced curriculum. 


Music Mark is the UK Association for Music Education; they champion and support access to music for all children and young people. By becoming a Music Mark school we will have access to a wide range of resources to support us further in the delivery of music.


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We were treated to a performance by Shropshire Music Service today (2nd Nov 2021). We listened and tapped along to Irish and Scottish dance music as well as music and songs from around the world. We were introduced to the cello, viola, violin (and electric violin!), guitar and drums. It was fantastic and we really enjoyed it. One boy said at the end, "I just loved all of it!" 
If you are interested in learning to play an instrument with Shropshire Music Service, please ring 01743 874145.