Our Visions & Values

The family at Oakmeadow CE school community is committed to ensuring it is a place where all children learn and flourish in a safe, happy and stimulating environment. We aim to move our school from Good to Outstanding. 

We aim to serve our community by providing an education of the highest quality for children of all faiths and none within the context of Christian beliefs and practice.

Our vision is that we are a truly learning centred school, which strives to nurture the creative talents of all its learners. Oakmeadow Ce Primary and Nursery will be a happy, healthy school where our pastoral and support systems will ensure that everyone feels safe to learn, by ‘having a go’, making mistakes and persevering. We will develop a range of learning and personal skills in our learners which will enable them to think independently. All aspects of school life will be designed to inspire confident learners and equip them with the skills they require to thrive in an increasingly complex and changing world. A broad global dimension will permeate the curriculum and the effective use of I CT will underpin and inspire learning.  

Our school will be rooted proudly in its successful past but will be dynamic and forward looking; it will be somewhere that remembers to enjoy the experience of today. We will have a school where everyone has a clear sense of where they are now, where they would like to get to and how they are going to get there.  

Our mission is to:

Be a happy, welcoming and caring school where we recognise, affirm and develop the unique gifts and talents of each individual

Provide a safe, purposeful and stimulating learning environment where all children can flourish

To value childhood as an intrinsic right of all children

Enable every child to learn, grow and reach their full potential

Help children develop high self-esteem, confidence and a strong sense of identity

Inspire the children through a child-centred, thematic and creative curriculum  

Capture the children’s natural curiosity and foster a desire for learning and high achievement in a changing and challenging world

Teach Christian values to children, inviting them to build their own lives upon them

Work together as a hardworking, dedicated and enthusiastic community, where all contributions are valued

Recognise and value parents as the first educators of their children, fostering positive relationships and strong working partnerships between the school, parents, and all those responsible for the children’s welfare and education

Be an inclusive family, inspired by gospel values through service to others

Teach the children to value and celebrate diversity within the school and beyond

Help the children develop respect and responsibility for themselves, for others, and the world in which they live  

Our values:  Love, respect, honesty & integrity, faith, teamwork and resilience.

We value enriching the children’s spiritual and moral development nurturing a sense of family by working in partnership with home, church and the community and build culture of love for all.

We value ensuring all pupils are literate, numerate and are able to make informed life choices, resilience and respect in learning and have the capacity to be successful

Values are very important at Oakmeadow CE Primary and Nursery.  With the growing technical world we live in, key social skills are going to be crucial to hold on to.  At Oakmeadow we believe it is so important to teach the children about being kind, being thoughtful, being truthful and having integrity.  How we act daily as adults will be watched carefully by our children, we have to role model what we wish to see!

Learning is about having fun, finding out and being inquisitive.

At Oakmeadow we think our children are the best!  We have a strong set of values across school that were put together by the children, the staff and the community around the school.  We live every day trying to be the best person we can!  To always give our best, do well and feel proud.  Our website shares with you our work, our school and what we feel proud of!