The Governing Body

Governors have a vital role to play in ensuring our school provides the best possible education for our children.

They are responsible for:

  • Setting the strategic direction for the School

  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the children

  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the financial effectiveness of the School and funds are well spent

In 2016 the Governing Body was reconstituted to increase further its efficiency and effectiveness. This now includes a minimum of 11 members (no maximum number) but for Oakmeadow comprises 1 x Head Teacher, 1 x member of staff, 3 x parents, 1 x LA member,  1 x Community, 3 x foundation Governors and as many co-opted to add value and bring required skill sets on board.     

Impact Statement:  

The Governing Body’s statutory duties include ensuring all legal duties are carried out and that children, staff and visitors stay safe when in school. As such, this year Governors have visited school collectively many times! This includes Governing Body meetings, as well as health & safety walk around checks, visiting classes and meetings with the Senior Leadership Team.

School Governors are responsible for the strategic direction of their school, for holding the Leadership team to account, for overseeing the financial performance of the school. 

We meet as a full Governing Body each term to agree the School Improvement and Development Plan (a detailed plan for one year, in outline for a further 2 years) to monitor its progress and to ensure the budget remains on track. We have 2 committees, which look at different aspects in more detail. They also meet termly prior to Governing Body meetings so they can report on their discussions and recommendations. We operate around a structure of committees and we say that this is where the real work gets done. There are 2 committees, each with its own Chair:

We are blessed with a highly skilled and committed team of Governors who have a simple mission and that is to work to improve the education of our children. This year we have welcomed two new Governors onto our board, both of whom bring a vast amount of experience and expertise in both education, HR and finance.  

We are all very proud and honoured to serve as Governors at Oakmeadow and we all take a strong interest in our school, providing both challenge and support to Mrs Whelan, her senior leadership team and staff. We are delighted that the school continues to build upon its success from the last Ofsted in 2016 with standards across the school remaining very high and the quality of teaching and learning continuing to improve. We firmly believe that a key reason for the success of Oakmeadow is the excellent staff and leadership we have, who are all hardworking and dedicated to the excellent education of our children, ensuring they all receive an excellent curriculum that pushes them every day. We also have amazing support from parents and the community as seen by people’s support and commitment to successful events like the school fairs, sporting competitions, assemblies and enrichment activities. The Governing Body would like to thank you for your continued support for the school.  

One of the key functions of the Governing Body is to ensure everybody within the school stays safe and we are delighted that we received a Health & Safety audit which stated that, ‘The site is maintained to a very high standard of repair.  Overall this organisation is performing well, with the standard of health and safety management showing good performance results.’

The biggest challenge facing us as Governors is the increased financial pressures put upon our school budget. Being one of the lowest funded Local Authorities the schools results and the curriculum provision demonstrate excellent value for money. Best value financial data published by the Government showed that in comparison with schools nationally like ours, Oakmeadow’ s current expenditure on teaching and support staff is above the average. This is because the best resource that we have are our staff, as they have the biggest influence upon children’s learning. We also spend more on professional development than our comparison schools,  because we value the continual importance of learning.