Welcome to Centipedes Class.


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Centipedes class is one of our two Year 1 classes, where our children are in their first year of Key Stage 1. During year one, we aim to support the development of independence both academically and personally.  Children work hard during their transition into year one and they will become much more fluent in their reading, writing and known facts related to number.  These are the building blocks for future learning and we value the support of parents to help develop fluency in reading and number bonds. We have high expectations of our children but we also have large amounts of fun and laughter along the way!

On this page you will find lots of useful information about what we are up to in class, as well as how children's learning can be supported at home, both from a parent's perspective, as well as how children can learn independently at home in their spare time.  We hope you find it useful.

  • Miss Emma White

    Class Teacher

  • Miss Jessica Allan


  • Miss Emma Stevenson

    Teaching Assistant

 Termly  topic:  PE this half term:  Important dates:
 Once Upon a Time Gymnastics/ movements and skills
Parents' Evenings: 22nd Oct/ 24th Oct
Fireworks: 5th Nov.
Sea of Poppies: 9th Nov.
Pantomime: 29th Nov.