Geography - The Oakmeadow Way

At Oakmeadow, we aim to deliver a high quality Geography education which inspires in our pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives. We do this by teaching topics carefully chosen from the National Curriculum. We will equip our pupils with knowledge about diverse places, people, resources and natural and human environments, along with a deep understanding of the Earth’s key physical and human processes. As the children move through school, their growing knowledge about the world should help them to deepen their understanding of the relationship between physical and human processes and of the formation and use of landscapes and environments. They will discover how the Earth’s features at different scales are shaped, interconnected and changed over time.

Our curriculum will equip the children to become global citizens by exploring the interconnections and interdependence between people and places around the world, observing the similarities and differences that exist in our world today and relating these to our own lives. In this way, the children will gain an understanding about the role that they can play in creating a fair and sustainable world.

The children will be given opportunity to:

  • critically examine their own values and attitudes and develop a sense of positive personal identity

  • appreciate the similarities between people everywhere and learn to value and enjoy diversity

  • understand the global context of their local lives

  • develop skills that will enable them to combat injustice, prejudice and discrimination

  • express feelings and values

The concepts underlying global dimension within the curriculum are; global citizenship, conflict resolution, social justice, values and perception, sustainable development, human rights, interdependence and diversity. We aim to make the most of opportunities to explore these concepts across all areas of our school curriculum.

Geography Overview

 At Oakmeadow, we will teach children to be Geographers through;

  • developing knowledge of places and their physical and human characteristics

  • understanding the processes that give rise to key physical and human features of the world and how these are interdependent

  • collecting, analysing and communicating data gathered through experiences of fieldwork

  • interpreting a range of sources, including maps, diagrams, globes, aerial photos and GIS

  • communicating information in a variety of ways

  • developing an increasing range of geographical knowledge, vocabulary and skills.

  • Miss Charlotte Gries

    Geography and Global Learning Lead