Planning and Routines

At Ladybirds Nursery the majority of our day is spent in 'Child Initiated Learning'. This is where the children are free to choose where and how they play and the adults are responsive to this, using their knowledge of each individual child to enhance and challenge learning in a fun play based way. We also have some small group times where we provide a range of adult led activities which may include phonics and developing fine motor skills in preparation for writing. 
Forest school sessions and PE sessions are delivered once each week. 
Over the course of each academic year we welcome external visitors in to enhance our learning and we also aim to get out into the local community whether that is to the library, church or local woodland walks. 
Our planning is flexible and adaptable and we recognise that children learn best when they are fully engaged and excited by their learning. For this reason we may change our planning to ensure that we are following the interests and needs of the children.