SEND Inclusion Award

We are pleased to announce that Oakmeadow CE Primary & Nursery School has been accredited with the SENDIA award. 

As a school, we offer a high quality provision for our pupils, we already reflect on and improve our provision in line with a series of objectives that fulfil both Ofsted criteria and the SEND Code of Practice on a frequent basis. This award supports and qualifies our existing and developing practises. 

Specifically, the award focuses on ‘outcomes’ for our pupils and from our accreditation shows we can demonstrate the impact of their SEND provision.

Working towards the achievement of the award lead us through a process of self-evaluation, action planning and evidence collection. 

The SENDIA award strongly our demonstrates our commitment in continuing to maintain and develop high-quality SEND provision throughout the school by:

★ promoting awareness of SEND issues and inclusion for all staff, parents, pupils and governors

★ evaluating and improving classroom practice and interventions

★ focusing on pupil outcomes.

Successful completion of the award will enable Oakmeadow to:

★ gain recognition for the high-quality education and care for pupils with special educational needs and disabilities we believe we provide.

★ demonstrate to parents, governors and Ofsted inspectors that our provision complies with current legislation and the SEND Code of Practice, and is effective in achieving good outcomes for all pupils.

(The term ‘parent’ is used throughout to represent the principal adult or adults caring for the pupil with SEND and is intended to cover any main caregiver).