I'm sure you'll agree that 'what a smart looking school...’, ‘Your children look very smart and their manners are amazing’ are statements to feel very proud of.  These are things we hear regularly about Oakmeadow children, so we would like to start the term by saying THANK YOU.  Thank you for sending your child/ren to school happy and ready to go and for their immaculate uniforms.  

We will be holding this in high regard and would like to send home a reminder of the acceptable uniform.  We appreciate your close work with us to maintain this fabulously smart look and attitude to school. A uniform is more than just clothes, it’s a 'being part of the team' statement, a recognition of expectations/rules and a way to feel belonging.  

We like to take pride in our appearance checking uniform regularly because this is our school identity, it is what makes us a special part of the Oakmeadow community. 

Our Oak tree represents life, growing, courage and strength.

The dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit and peace.

We have a fabulous uniform, a lovely teal shirt and purple jumper or cardigan.  We have grey/black skirts and trousers also. In the summer we have a purple checked summer dress and children are allowed to wear grey shorts.

However we do not allow sporting/football shorts.

On our feet we wear black shoes and we ask for black/grey tights for girls please.

The uniform is available to order direct from RAM Leisure https://ourschoolwear.co.uk/collections/oakmeadow-ce-primary-school-shrewsbury